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Differentiated Instruction -- Gifted & Students with Disabilities (Special Education)


Gifted & Students with Disabilities (Special Education)

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Differentiated Instruction Special EducationThis unique degree is designed for general or special education teachers in all developmental areas who wish to meet the needs of students in increasingly diverse classrooms.

Coursework and field experiences are designed to build skills in meeting the needs of students with very diverse backgrounds and skill levels. The Differentiated Instruction – Students with Disabilities Master’s program provides teachers with extended research-based knowledge in the areas of assessment, differentiated instructional strategies, behavioral strategies, collaborative teamwork, assistive technology, and other inclusive education issues.

This program was developed in response to the increasing demand for teachers who have the skills to meet the needs of students with a wide range of exceptionalities in diverse classrooms. Exceptionalities include those students with significant learning, behavioral or communication difficulties as well as those who may be identified as gifted and/or talented.

This MSED meets the criteria for, and may be used in partial fulfillment of, the requirements for professional (permanent) teacher certification in New York, and also meets the coursework requirement for the gifted education extension and students with disabilities certification.

Students with disabilities certification may be obtained in one of three developmental areas, Birth – grade 2, grades 1-6, or 7-12 generalist. Graduate students who currently hold an existing Students with Disabilities Certification MAY obtain an additional certification in a different developmental area. 

SBU's Dean's Scholarship can reduce tuition cost by 20%, making SBU an exceptional graduate school value among Western New York colleges.

For more information about this and other Differentiated Instruction programs, please contact Dr. René Hauser, program director at Be sure to check out the program Fact Sheet and e-brochure. 


You may register for an internship once you have completed 18 credit hours in your master's program.  The application should be filed by mid-semester of the semester prior to your internship in order to allow time for the placement to be arranged.  Please make an appointment with the department chair to discuss your  application.  The chairperson's signature is required before the Office of Field Services will act on your application.  It is important to note that you will have one semester from your starting date in which to complete your 50 clock hours.  During that interval you will be observed at least two times by the university supervisor. 

Please email Dr. Rene' E. Hauser with any questions about Differentiated Instruction Internships.

Application Items

Application to this program requires a valid or pending teaching certification, two recommendations, transcripts of previous college work, an interview with the program director and a writing sample taken at the time of interview.

A Note about the Teacher Certification Entrance Requirement

The program MSED in Differentiated Instruction — Gifted and Students with Disabilities requires certification for full admission. We understand that currently enrolled college students — and many who have recently graduated — will not be certified at the time of application. In these cases, St. Bonaventure offers a conditional admission that becomes finalized once certification is confirmed.

If you have not yet submitted the edTPA, apply for admission to the graduate program anyway so you can start classes this fall. We provide edTPA support as you move to finish the portfolio.  You must submit the edTPA portfolio before starting your second semester of classes.
If you are still in the process of taking some of the new certification exams, apply for admission to the graduate program anyway so you can start classes this fall. We offer information sessions, exam prep workshops and support to help you prepare for the exams. You must register for and attempt each required test before starting your second semester of classes.

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