Curriculum & Courses

Dr. Carl Case teaches an MBA class.The MBA Program is a 42-credit (14 courses) program consisting of:
  • Foundation courses (9 credits)
  • The business core (12 credits)
  • Breadth Courses (6 credits)
  • Graduate electives (12 credits)
  • Business policy (3 credits)

Foundation Courses

Foundation courses ensure that all students have a common background as well as some breadth in the concepts and tools used in upper-level courses and in business. Students who have completed equivalent courses at the undergraduate level within the last seven years with a grade of C or better may not be required to complete some or all of these courses.

Foundation Courses:
(Click on a course title for a description of that course. For descriptions of all MBA courses, refer to our Course Descriptions page.)

The Business Core

Business core courses are designed to ensure that all students have an advanced conceptual framework for analyzing and solving business problems.
Business Core Courses include:

Breadth Courses  

In consultation with the program director, students will choose two courses focused on qualitative and quantitative awareness and reasoning.

Graduate Electives

The graduate electives allow students to pursue studies in subject areas they may desire.   With program director approval, MBA students may choose electives from the curriculum of the Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) graduate program.

Business Policy

MBA 649. Business Policy is the capstone course of the program and fulfills the School of Graduate Studies requirement of a written comprehensive exam. NOTE: This course is offered on the main campus only. Students pursuing the MBA from St. Bonaventure's Hilbert College Extension Center must travel to Olean to complete this course.

Five-Year Accounting MBA students

In addition to the MBA core courses, Five-Year Accounting students must take:

Course Descriptions

For a complete list of MBA courses and their descriptions, click here.