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Master of Business Administration

Our MBA program offers the flexibility or three convenient formats: Our traditional campus-based ground program, which may be taken on a full-time or part-time basis, or our fully online program.  


Master of Science in Business Analytics

Our online Master of Science in Business Analytics program is a strategically designed, competitively priced educational opportunity that prepares professionals for high-demand roles working with big data.



Only 5% of business schools worldwide are accredited by the Association for the Advancement of Collegiate Schools of Business.
NEW AACSB LogoSt. Bonaventure's School of Business is proud to display the AACSB seal, signifying accreditation at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.
This assures that you're getting a top-quality education, and it tells employers that you're ready to perform from day one.
What's more, we're in the business of preparing our students to be not only truly outstanding professionals, but truly outstanding people as well. You'll develop skills and insights to help you compete in the global economy while learning to make decisions rooted in moral and ethical values that define our Franciscan tradition.

Flexible programs, with an online option as well

To meet the needs of today's busy consumer, St. Bonaventure's MBA program is offered in several convenient formats:
  • PART-TIME FORMAT: Classes are generally held once a week in the late afternoon or evening at the main campus in Olean.*
  • FULL-TIME FORMAT: Classes are generally held once a week in the late afternoon or evening at the main campus on a semester basis.* Students with the appropriate academic background may be able to complete degree requirements in one year.
  • ONLINE FORMAT: Four academic tracks with classes available fully online.

*NOTE: For the on-campus MBA, elective and foundation courses are occasionally offered ONLINE.

Students typically enter the program at the beginning of the fall or spring semesters, though summer entrance is also possible for most students.

Students with appropriate academic background may be able to complete degree requirements in 12 months. Most students, however, are able to complete degree requirements in approximately 15 months.

We're ready to serve you

We invite you to learn more about the MBA Program and to join the next class of enthusiastic and committed students who are becoming extraordinary at St. Bonaventure University.

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5-Year BBA/MBA

Earn your BBA and MBA through our Five-Year Accounting program. Learn more from our Accounting site.

Admission Requirements

How MBA candidates are evaluated and the application process.
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Chinese Students:

A welcome from Dr. Zhang Xiaoning, assistant professor of biology at St. Bonaventure University. Watch video
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SBU’s original 'Schmitt' remembers his time as a Bona Buddy

Nov 26, 2019 |

By Cameron Hurst, ’19

During the first 23 years of his life as an alumnus of St. Bonaventure University, Mark Schmitt didn’t have to worry about being mistaken: He was the only person associated with the university to have that name.

Mark SchmittOn April 10, 2007 — after the hiring of a new head men's basketball coach at his alma mater — that changed.

Since then, despite a one letter difference in their last names, an inadvertent link has formed with the man who has led Bonaventure’s men’s basketball program into a renaissance of winning. And, as far as the original “Schmitt,” a native of northern Virginia and a faithful follower of the program his “name twin” now leads, is concerned — it’s not a problem at all.

“I brought a couple of guys from my area up to a Bonaventure game last year and they all had a good laugh when they heard the coach’s name,” he said.

While the man with whom he shares the same verbal name has certainly found his success on the sidelines of the Reilly Center, Schmitt’s most satisfying success has come from a life filled with changing the lives of others — something that began as a college student through the Bona Buddies youth mentoring program.

“I was looking for ways to get involved in the community, so as to do something outside of school and intramural sports as a way to try to find a balance and give back a bit,” Schmitt, a 1984 graduate, said about his decision to give back while in college.

That “balance” became weekly meetings with his Bona Buddy, Zack.

“We did a lot of reading and a lot of tutoring,” he said. “There were these cool things coming out: electronic games — I was fascinated with them and his parents bought them for us to use. Although they were electronic educational games, we still did reading with them. It was good fun.

“I think there’s a criticality for being there as a mentor,” Schmitt added. “This young man had a very intent mom and dad so that was perfect, but this was another opportunity for him to have a data point and example.”

Having college friends as a 9-year-old probably helped Zack’s development, too, Schmitt noted.

“He didn’t know too many college kids, so it was an opportunity for us to share the college life,” he said.

After receiving his degree in accounting from St. Bonaventure in 1984, Schmitt went on to become a certified public accountant before pursuing a master’s in business administration from the College of William & Mary in 1989. He then started the work chapter of his life in management consulting at KPMG.

From there, he began a nearly three-decade career as an executive in the tech industry and today serves as director of strategic sales at Accenture.

The common thread in his life, however, has always been a willingness to serve.

“That’s always been a part of the Franciscan tradition and is something that I do still,” he said, noting his involvement serving on the executive board and as treasurer of Good Shepherd Alliance, the largest homeless shelter in Loudoun County, Virginia.

“We built a number of homeless shelters and so I was able to parlay what I was doing in the Franciscan tradition into this work with a Christian organization.”

After the graduation of his youngest daughter in 2018, Schmitt took his longing to serve to another level.

Calling it a “year sabbatical,” Schmitt traveled the world, choosing to use the time as a major service trip.

A volunteer with the Red Cross and a certified emergency response vehicle driver, Schmitt traveled to help with the aftermath of Hurricane Florence. His travels also took him through a tour of service in Tanzania. 

Schmitt’s mix of volunteer work and travel during this time received coverage from the BBC, Forbes and other news outlets, which highlighted his choice of taking a “golden gap year” to more fully explore the world and to give back.

“I did a bunch of adventures,” he said. “I lived in a Scottish castle for a couple of weeks and worked in their gardens and farms. They don’t charge you — you work for your place to stay and food. It was just really fun.”

Schmitt credits his time as a Bona Buddy mentor for setting him on a path to a lifetime of helping others.

“Bona Buddies was just such a great opportunity,” he said. “Giving back has just been a huge part of my life and something I still continue to do to this day.”



About the University: The nation’s first Franciscan university, St. Bonaventure University is a community committed to transforming the lives of our students inside and outside the classroom, inspiring in them a lifelong commitment to service and citizenship. In 2019, St. Bonaventure was named the #1 regional university value in New York and #2 in the North by U.S. News and World Report.