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Graduate in 15 months
No GMAT/GRE required
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100% online coursework

Master of Arts in Leadership

SBU's 100% online Master of Arts in Leadership, which you can earn in as little as 15 months, will prepare you to lead in any business or organization with a solid foundation of leadership skills in communication, strategic thinking, change management, innovation, and team-building. Qualified applicants will receive a $1,000 Inspire & Lead Graduate Scholarship!

Develop your leadership potential

We'll give you the skills you need — including strategic planning, communication, leadership and more — while strengthening your leadership acumen to inspire change and advocate for others. We'll help you find clarity as a leader, as you explore values such as empowerment, compassion and service leadership. 

Whether you’re a seasoned leader or ready to become one, our program is specifically designed to develop your leadership potential. Our graduates are equipped not only to lead teams and make strategic decisions, but also to inspire others to fulfil their potential.

Gain a distinctive skill set 

  • Organizational intelligence — Understand all facets of an organization and gain the ability to navigate legal, political, and ethical issues to exert influence.
  • Cross-functional awareness — Look across departments and understand responsibilities to assess the full organizational impact of your decision-making.
  • Command of language — Learn advanced communication techniques that allow you to establish a vision, build credibility, and create trust across all levels of an organization.
  • Problem solver — Affect change, seize opportunities, and solve organizational issues using technical, analytical, and strategic techniques.
  • Global mindset — Develop a big picture perspective and the ability to look beyond a single function, geography, or methodology.

An awesome experience

One of my professors became a mentor. Now we meet every other month to talk about my business goals and strategic planning, and it really upped my leadership game.

Ethical leadership has never been more important

Leaders all over the world are experiencing unprecedented change and uncertainty. SBU's online Master of Arts in Leadership will prepare you to lead in any business climate with a solid foundation of leadership skills in communication, strategic thinking, change management, innovation and team-building.

As you sharpen your leadership skills, they will be rooted in St. Bonaventure values, which means leading with compassion, humanity, ethics, integrity, and an aim toward positive social change and with the mindset of a servant leader.
  • Make an impact — Immediately apply your growing leadership skills in organizational dynamics, mentorship, remote and global work environments, and more.
  • Communicate and empower — Master the art of impactful communication to create genuine relationships, foster clarity and trust, and empower staff.
  • Grow personally and professionally — Hone your personal ethics code and motivations as a leader to think and operate on a completely different level, transitioning from individual contributor or manager to highly skilled, compassionate leader.
Graduates of our online Master of Arts in Leadership program not only become strong managers, but true servant leaders who can think strategically, empower and inspire others to fulfill their own potential, and communicate with eloquence and confidence.

Build on your military experience
MFS23–24_Silver_300x300If you’re a current or former member of the military, St. Bonaventure’s online master’s in Leadership is perfect for building upon the experience you’ve gained while in service to our country. The program will help you strengthen your military experience, focusing on the skills that define today’s transformative leaders and executives: strategic decision-making, thought leadership, communication.

St. Bonaventure is recognized as a military friendly school because we meet or exceed benchmark standards for military friendly institutions in six categories:
  • academic policies and compliance
  • admissions and orientation
  • culture and commitment
  • financial aid and assistance
  • graduation and career
  • military student support and retention.