St. Bonaventure University

Content Marketing

A Master of Arts in communication specialization

Make great stories, then tell the world

Everyone loves a great story. Our online Master of Arts in communication with a content marketing specialization will help you master the skills to strategically create and distribute impactful content, allowing brands and organizations to tell their great stories to wide and diverse audiences. It’s a strategic blend of creativity, customer empathy and technology. In this program you will learn:

Content marketing: strategy and planning – Learn the structure and practices of content strategy, planning, distribution and analysis with sensitivity to the diverse audiences being served.

Content creation: visuals, copy and optimization – Gain experience with content idea generation, written and visual content types such as blog posts, infographics, case studies and video and creating visuals and copy that gain traction in the digital sphere.

Digital media, mobile and emerging technologies – Get a comprehensive understanding of social media marketing, mobile marketing, lead generation, user experience, and paid media amplification that will maximize brand discoverability, credibility and new audience potential.

Visuals: communication design – Strengthen your design skills and maintain continuity across multiple media communication pieces through realistic, hands-on assignments.  

Sharpen the skills you need for content roles revolving around content strategy, planning, process, creation and analysis. As a graduate you’ll attract and retain customers via content, ensure brand alignment, drive marketing and organization goals, and investigate trends shaping the future of content marketing.

Tell authentic stories that move the world

Graduates can move into a wide variety of job roles, some of which include:

Communications manager
Content marketing strategist
Content manager
Content director
Digital marketing manager
Marketing manager
Media manager
Social media manager

Content marketing is a discipline that continues to grow as a significant component of campaigns thanks to the influence of digital marketing and changing audience attitudes regarding traditional advertising. Today’s audiences have so many platforms and avenues in which to receive information. Authenticity and genuine storytelling have emerged as powerful tools in telling brand narratives.

An online Master of Arts in communication with a content marketing specialization will teach you to be creative, strategic, and actionable, allowing you to tell powerful stories while placing content in front of those who most want it – ethically, authentically and responsibly.

Ranked among the nation’s best college values, St. Bonaventure offers a competitive tuition and a convenient timeline to completion. Its outstanding alumni, many of whom are working on the cutting edge of marketing and communications, take leadership roles at major companies and organizations, create award-winning campaigns and content, and influence on a large scale.