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Library Guide to Education Resources

The links on this page have been selected by the librarians as good resources for library patrons to consult when looking for information on the World Wide Web. If you need any assistance, please ask a Reference Librarian! Stop by the information desk in the library, call 375-2164, or send e-mail to 


Books and Other Media


If you are looking for books in the Friedsam Memorial Library, use the Library of Congress letter L as your starting point.  Also check out the curriculum center for many great education resources. 

  • L- Education (General)
  • LA-History of Education
  • LB-Theory and Practice of Education
  • LC-Special Aspects of Education
  • LD-Individual Institutions (US)
  • LE-Individual Institutions (Canada, Mexico, Central America, South America)
  • LF-Individual Institutions (Europe)
  • LG-Individual Institutions (Asia,Africa, Australia)
  • LH-College and School Magazines and Papers
  • LJ-Student Fraternities and societies, US
  • LT-Textbooks


Recommended Databases

  • Education Research Complete (EBSCOHost)
  • Mental Measurements Yearbook with Tests in Print (EBSCOHost)
  • Professional Development Collection (EBSCOHost)
  • Resources for Field Block and Internship/Student Teaching Teachers to use in schools with students:



Children's Literature


Educational Statistics


English and Humanities Education

 Fine Arts and Music Education


General Education Websites

Geography and Social Studies

Lesson Plans


Physical Education


Special Education




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