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Mission Focus: On Franciscan Education: An Invitation to Dialogue from the Franciscan Friars at St. Bonaventure University

  • Wednesday, February 17, 3:30-4:30 pm for all faculty/staff
  • Follow this LINK for the Zoom info
  • RESOURCES for the workshop:
  • Presented by Fr. Russel Murray, VP for Mission Integration & Other Members of the Friar Community
  • The Franciscan Friars invite members of the university community to a ZOOM conversation on the difference the university’s Catholic-Franciscan identity makes for St. Bonaventure’s life and educational mission.

    The basis for the conversation will be the statement On Franciscan Education, which the Friars produced in 2016 in support of the university’s strategic planning initiative. This statement is available in a slide show format from the Faculty Resource Center. All participants are encouraged to review the statement as an aid to the conversation.

    St. Francis of Assisi never tired of telling his Friars, “Let us begin anew!”  In that same spirit, the Friars hope their statement will serve as an invitation for us to strive ever anew to realize our patron, St. Bonaventure’s fundamental belief that there is no knowledge without love.  The Friars look forward to speaking with you!


Team Test Taking Online, CURRENTLY BEING RESCHEDULED due to a scheduling conflict

  • Presented by John Stevens and his graduate assistant, Alexis Glaza
  • Follow this LINK to obtain the Zoom information
  • The focus of this research is how to effectively implement a Team Test Taking approach for students in an "online" environment, typically for a midterm or final exam. It covers how to construct and upload a test to a learning management system (Moodle), and how to use a meeting / video / conference resource. The goal is for instructors to be able to offer students the opportunity to take a test in teams of two, online.


TBA: Teaching Discussion: An Informal, No Agenda, Chance to Chat

-->PLEASE HELP US SCHEDULE OUR TEACHING DISCUSSIONS! Please respond to our poll here: 

  • Join us for this informal chat on teaching and classroom issues to help us get ready for the semester. There is no agenda. Conversations are confidential and not recorded. The ideas we discuss can also inform further faculty development opportunities—plus, it gives us a chance to talk to each other—something many people missed last semester!
  • This session will not be recorded.
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