St. Bonaventure University

Leadership Minor

The minor in leadership, open to all undergraduate degree-seeking students regardless of their majors, offers a curriculum that spans academic schools at the university.

The program stems from the Bonaventure mission of bringing out the best in every individual, preparing students for the challenges faced in their upcoming professional careers, and manifesting their values in becoming good citizens. The scope of the leadership minor is to provide the tools that will enable students to ethically influence people though purpose, direction, and motivation.

Through mentorship, personal development and internship opportunities, the minor prepares students to serve effectively in formal and informal leadership roles on campus and in their lifelong pursuits. Students who complete the minor will be equipped with the leadership skills sought by most organizations today: trustworthiness, and the ability to effectively communicate, motivate and delegate.

To review requirements for the minor, visit the leadership curriculum & courses website.