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The Center for Law & Society (Prelaw)

The Center for Law & Society provides numerous opportunities for students interested in pursuing a law degree upon graduation from St. Bonaventure.

The center, the university's most direct prelaw track, promotes the values of St. Bonaventure University's Franciscan heritage by preparing students to commit to lives of citizenship and service.

We work closely with students to provide them with the best opportunities to be successful law school applicants and be prepared for the rigors of law school. We accomplish this through one-on-one advising, a minor in law & society, workshops, internships, and the opportunity to participate in mock trial competitions.

The Center for Law and SocietyThe center provides these opportunities for all students, regardless of major. As the American Bar Association (ABA) notes, there is no preferred undergraduate major for students who intend to apply to law school. It is necessary for students to engage in a rigorous undergraduate program, choosing courses that develop writing skills and stress the ability to reason logically and analytically.

In addition, the ABA recommends courses that provide prelaw students with a general understanding of economics, politics and social institutions. The law & society minor offers you the opportunity to take courses in these various areas, adding to the skills and knowledge gained in your major area of study.

Program information

Minor in law and society

The law and society minor involves students in the multi-disciplinary study of law and society, focusing on the interaction of law and legal institutions with social, economics, and political systems.

Students will examine the historical, philosophical, sociological, and political foundations of law and the social forces influencing law and society. The law and society minor is designed to help students gain an understanding of the role of law in society, approaching questions from a multi-disciplinary perspective.

Requirements for the law and society minor

News, Publications, & Research

Model UN Club earns second place at international competition

Nov 12, 2019 |

St. Bonaventure University's Model UN Club

St. Bonaventure University’s Model UN Club participated in the Lake Erie International Model United Nations (LEIMUN) competition Nov. 7 to 10, taking second place at the event.

In addition, seven team members received Excellence Awards.

Dr. Ibrahim Zabad, faculty adviser of the club and associate professor of political science, congratulated the team members on their superb performance. He especially thanked Taylor Elliott, the secretary-general of the club, and Daniel Bakowski, the vice president, for their outstanding leadership, immaculate organizational skills, and remarkable dedication to the team.

“Throughout the year, Daniel and Taylor invested time and energy in training the team and leading it to its second-place finish. I also want to thank all team members. I appreciate their efforts, dedication and their love for learning about international affairs,” he said.