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McNall, Carole

Carole McNall, St. Bonaventure University

Journalism, Strategic Communication, Sports Media
Jandoli School of Communication

Assistant Professor
Office Phone: (716) 375-4042
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Murphy Professional Building 222
  • JMC 101. Communication Today
  • JMC 300. Media law
  • JMC 470. Internet and the Law
  • JMC 486. Communication Entrepreneur
  • SC 301. Strategic Writing and Professional Communication
  • and others
  • J.D., State University of New York at Buffalo, 1993
  • B.A., Journalism, St. Bonaventure University, 1975

I earned my bachelor's degree from the program in which I now teach and the lessons I learned at Bonaventure have served me well in everything I've done since then. After graduation, I spent two and a half years on WPIG Radio, Olean, as a newscaster and disc jockey. From there, I worked almost 12 years with the Olean Times Herald. During most of that period, I served as Pennsylvania Bureau chief, with responsibility for a staff of three full-time reporters and as many as six part-timers.

I left the Times Herald to attend law school at the State University of New York at Buffalo School of Law. After graduation from UB, I earned a New York State law license. I still practice occasionally. I have also been a part-time tax preparer. Over time, I realized my favorite part of every one of those jobs looked a lot like teaching, which led to where I am now.

I specialize in media law and media ethics in the classes I teach for the Russell J. Jandoli School of Journalism and Mass Communication, and I'm particularly interested in the evolution of online communication and the impact of the Internet on the law.


I am always watching for examples of the intersection of the media with the legal system -- either journalists attempting to explain the legal system to their audiences or journalists finding themselves with legal problems because of their work. I am particularly interested in the way communication is developing online and how the law is developing to deal with that online communication.

I am also interested in ethical problems of the media -- how they are handled and how that impacts the communicator's relationship with his or her audience.

And I continue to look for examples of ways a communication degree is useful in jobs that aren't obviously communication jobs. The interest grows from realizing that my journalism background served me very well in law school. My list of "non-traditional" jobs is growing constantly.


My on-campus involvement includes these boards:

  • Tunes with the Shark, a radio show on our campus station, 88.7 The Buzz
  • I am a currently one of the Jandoli School’s Faculty Senators and a member of the Senate’s Enrollment and Marketing and Academic Standards committees.
  • I am the adviser to The Bona Venture, the university's student newspaper.
  • I am also the adviser to WSBU-FM, the university’s student-run campus radio station.

Off-campus, my interests include these:

  • Reading, which I'll squeeze in even when it seems like I have no time to do anything. A friend and I serve as administrators for a Facebook group on reading and books called Web of Books. I'm also vice president of the board of directors for Friends of the Olean Public Library.
  • I am a licensed amateur radio operator and a member of several local amateur radio clubs.
  • Listening to music, including having students introduce me to artists I haven't heard.
  • Photography.
  • Sports, especially NFL football and my long-time (sometimes frustrating) love for the Buffalo Bills.
  • And, not surprisingly, I'm a news junkie and fascinated, sometimes despite myself, by politics.