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The undergraduate elementary education major is designed to help students develop knowledge and skills necessary for effective teaching in today's elementary schools.

Students are prepared for the teaching profession in a way that is reflective of Franciscan service to others - an ideal that is central to the mission of St. Bonaventure University.

Elementary education majors prepare for New York teacher certification in Childhood Education (grades 1-6). Our graduates work in school districts all over the country, and should you want to teach outside of New York, our certification office will advise you on obtaining certificates in other states.

Hallmarks of SBU Education Programs

  • The School of Education and all of our programs are nationally accredited
  • The program prepares you for up to THREE certifications- Early Childhood, Special Education, and Childhood
  • 1,000 HOURS of classroom experience- beginning a student's freshmen year
  • Diverse classroom experience through many grade levels, different types of classrooms, and school placements
  • Rigorous expectations and high standards- a GPA of 3.0 is required throughout a student's four years
  • Close community created through mentoring and close interactions between faculty, staff, and students
  • A challenging curriculum enables students to understand the diverse needs of children and to develop a
    repertoire of strategies to meet learners' needs leading to success on the job search 
  • We are there for our students every step of the way
  • At SBU we say, "You need to figure this out, and we are here to help you!"
  • We challenge our students to be passionate about their commitment to education

What makes our graduates great educators? They become:

  • Teachers who believe that all children can learn
  • Teachers who create positive, engaging learning environments that help students succeed
  • Teachers who are active members of school communities 
  • Teachers who continue to learn
  • Teachers who are passionate
  • Teachers who are advocated for the profession
  • Teachers who use theory and research in the best interest of their students
  • Elementary Education at SBU

    Confident in her School of Education preparation, Karen Jablonski can't wait for her opportunity to be what she's always wanted to be: a teacher. "I can take over a classroom right now, and I'm comfortable here," she says. 

    Making their Mark

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    Cashing, Elizabeth

    Cashing, Elizabeth
    ACADEMIC SCHOOL School of Education
    ACADEMIC DEPARTMENT Adolescence Education
    CONTACT INFORMATION Office Phone: (716) 375-2366
    E-Mail: ecashing@sbu.edu
    Website: http://sched.sbu.edu/faculty/ecashing/ 
    OFFICE LOCATION Plassmann Hall, B52
    • EDUC 201. Introduction to Education 
    • EDUC 523. Designing and Delivering Instruction 
    • EDUC 524. Methods and Models for Special Subjects 
    • EDUC 526. Managing Instruction and Behavior 
    • READ 560. Literacy in the Content Area 
    • EDUC 588. Secondary Student Teaching: Grades 7-12 
    • M.A., Spanish, The Pennsylvania State University
    • B.A., Spanish (Secondary 7–12), State University of New York at Oswego

    Middle School Spanish Teacher:

    • Olean Middle School, Olean, NY, 1985-2005
    • Jamesville-DeWitt Central Schools, Jamesville, NY, 1969-1979


    Following a 30 year teaching career in New York state public middle schools, this adventure at St. Bonaventure University has given me a chance to give back to the communities that provided support to our family

    • Effective middle schools programming and implementation
    • Staff Development workshops:
      • middle level instruction and effective strategies
      • team development
      • L.O.T.E. strategies and instruction
      • Peer mentoring

    We are each on a journey. We seek – we discover – we adapt – we adopt. Along the way, we learn – sometimes who we are, usually more about who we’re going to be.

    As a teacher, I have the privilege of sharing my journey with the youth of today who will make a difference tomorrow. My philosophical outlook in education remains flexible to accommodate change. However my energy at all times is focused on the children and young adults with whom I interact. Each one needs to be considered developmentally, intellectually, emotionally, and physically, and then encouraged to grow in an atmosphere of respect and appropriate challenge.

    I believe that every person is capable of learning and one of my tasks is to differentiate instruction to address individual needs. Education should be a creative endeavor that guides minds to explore, problem solve, and grow. Maintaining a constant awareness of multicultural opportunities for myself and for those with whom I work is important to me. I encourage an environment that promotes openness and tolerance, hoping to strengthen lifelong interpersonal skills and the ability to function effectively in “community” with others.

    Education occurs IN the world, not apart from it. Communication with other professionals, parents, community agencies and student interest groups is critical to progress. Each person needs to feel a part of his or her surroundings, and that is nurtured by activities that promote participation – locally and globally. We are each on a journey. My students guide my journey – what an awesome deligh

    • Brain compatible learning
    • Differentiated instruction
    • L.O.T.E. strategies and instruction
    • Look Global – Act Local


    • First Presbyterian Church: member, Board of Elders
    • Southern Tier Symphony: member, Board of Directors
    • Chamber Music Society of Olean: member, Board of Directors
    • Olean Theatre Workshop: member, Board of Sponsors
    • Olean Middle School Orchestra: accompanist
    • Olean City Schools: interpreter


    • Skiing
    • National and international travel

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