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WNY Cybersecurity Research Center

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The First Cybersecurity Center in Western New York

In recognition of the local and global need for advanced cybersecurity, St. Bonaventure University has established a cybersecurity program and prioritized it as a university strategic initiative.  A critical component of this initiative is the development of the Western New York Cybersecurity Research Center in collaboration with multiple international and local partners. The center will be the first of its kind in Western New York and will establish St. Bonaventure University as a leader of innovation in cybersecurity.  

The center will provide monitoring and alert services to clients and government. The data collected through monitoring will make it possible to perform comparative multinational studies. The center uses machine learning, data mining and opinion mining to perform research, develop new technologies and produce intellectual property.

The center aims to become a hub for cybersecurity and create partnerships of research, actual industry practice and commercialization. St. Bonaventure University's Security Operations Center (SOC), is a student operated center providing 24/7 monitoring and defense.

Features of the WNY Cybersecurity Research Center

  • Real-time monitoring and alert of cyberattacks in Western New York.
  • Hands-on service and support for regional companies needing functioning capabilities in cybersecurity.
  • Ability to provide a total cybersecurity solution from infrastructure up to the platform and service layer for clients.
  • Visualization tools for security status of the region.
  • Alert systems based on computational intelligence powered data analysis and pattern analysis tools.
  • Collaboration and support with National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT), Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity (CIC), New Zealand Centre for Computational Intelligence for Cybersecurity, and other local and international companies.
  • Capable of providing periodic reporting of cybersecurity status for the region to state and national agencies.
  • International research partners to provide opportunities for research collaboration and faculty/student exchanges, an example of which can be NICT in Japan.
  • Positively contributes to the reputation of SBU as a center of excellence.

Benefits of the WNY Cybersecurity Research Center

  • Increase employment potential and wages in the region.
  • Promote business, educational, and governmental collaboration in Western New York.
  • Establish the Southern Tier of Western New York as a center for cybersecurity development and industrial growth.
  • Staff St. Bonaventure University’s Security Operations Center (SOC), providing graduates with three to four years of industry experience during the course of their study at St. Bonaventure.
  • Give St. Bonaventure University students the opportunity to gain real-world experience through international research projects involving machine learning, data and opinion mining.
  • Provide prestigious reputation for the St. Bonaventure cybersecurity program leading to increased enrollment, additional high quality students, and increased business, educational, and governmental collaborations.
  • Lead St. Bonaventure University towards a Center of Excellence in Cybersecurity.
  • Establish international partnerships with prestigious institutions such as  the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology of Japan, the New Zealand Centre for Computational Intelligence for Cybersecurity, and the Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity for the research and monitoring of cyberattacks.

Impact of the WNY Cybersecurity Research Center

St. Bonaventure University expects the WNY Cybersecurity Research Center to fill the need for the increasingly important work of computing research evolving in the cybersecurity field. The center's work afforded to students and the real benefits delivered to clients will help the region create a safer, more secure, and resilient cyber environment for Western New York and beyond.