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Foerst to publish new book on cybersecurity and hacking ethics

Oct 21, 2022

"Cybersecurity and Hacking Ethics," a new book by Dr. Anne Foerst, professor of computer science and chair of the computer science program, will be published in December by Kendall & Hunt.
The book analyzes the hacker philosophy, ethical hacking vs. black hat hacking (cracking), and all the ways that computers can be hacked, and how we can protect ourselves. The topic of privacy is discussed in length as is the Internet of Things, copyright, and identity theft.
It also discusses the quality of information that we can find on the web, its anti-democratic tendencies, and conspiracy theories. It ends with a chapter on project management for potential hackers so that they don’t go over to the dark side since insider threats are the most common of all hacking threats. 
The ethics of the book is based on a secular reading of the Ten Commandments. It will be a textbook for the course CYB 201. Cybersecurity Ethics, and Kendall & Hunt will market it to other cybersecurity programs in the country.