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Simpson and colleagues publish PFAS article in research journal

Dec 07, 2023

Dr. Scott Simpson, professor of chemistry, and recent Department of Chemistry graduates Jonathan Antle, '21, and Michael LaRock, '22, along with researchers from University at Buffalo and University of Pittsburgh, have had their publication titled "Building Chemical Intuition about Physicochemical Properties of C8-Per-/Polyfluoroalkyl Carboxylic Acids through Computational Means" published in ACS Environmental Science & Technology Engineering (ACS ES&T Engineering).

This work is associated with PFAS (per/poly-fluoroalkyl substances), the infamous class of persistent organic pollutions. The substances are speculated to be in the blood of every living creature due to their ubiquitous nature; being used in applications from firefighting foams to food packaging, and even dental floss. 

The research being conducted at SBU looks to utilize quantum chemical calculations to determine trends associated with these compounds, such as which are the most toxic.

ACS ES&T Engineering publishes high-impact research and review/perspective articles in all areas of environmental technology and engineering through a highly rigorous peer-review process.