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SBU chemistry students eligible for automatic entry in Ph.D. program at University of Rhode Island

Sep 05, 2023

Students who graduate with a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from St. Bonaventure University are now eligible for automatic acceptance and immediate entry to the Ph.D. program in chemistry at the University of Rhode Island.
An articulation agreement between the two schools grants students who earn a B.S. in chemistry from St. Bonaventure automatic entry into Rhode Island’s doctoral program in chemistry provided they have earned an overall grade-point average of 3.2 or higher at St. Bonaventure and have a letter of support from the chair of SBU’s chemistry department.
Dr. Scott Simpson, professor of chemistry, department chair, and co-chair of St. Bonaventure’s Honors Program, said the agreement demonstrates that chemistry students and faculty at SBU are held in high esteem.
“The future success of chemistry students at St. Bonaventure is paramount to the Department of Chemistry, and agreements like this between the University of Rhode Island and SBU demonstrate that our students are in demand,” Simpson said. “Larger research schools see value in the one-on-one interaction provided to our students by our knowledgeable faculty, the highly impactful research opportunities we provide, and the state-of-the-art chemical instrumentation we have here at SBU.”
St. Bonaventure students apply for the program through the URI application portal in the winter of their senior year. If they meet the special admission criteria they are automatically accepted and immediately welcomed into the University of Rhode Island Department of Chemistry Ph.D. degree program upon graduation from SBU. The URI program typically runs from four to six years, depending on a student’s research and contribution to science.
Up to five St. Bonaventure students a year will be accepted through this agreement.
Benefits of the agreement extend beyond automatic and immediate acceptance at URI, Simpson said.
“Ph.D. programs, like URI’s, provide sizable stipends, health insurance, and waivers for tuition. It is hard to turn down education that you get paid to do and that further increases your chances of high-yield employment,” he said.
To learn more about the SBU-URI agreement and more about the chemistry program at St. Bonaventure university, visit
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