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Center for Attention, Learning & Memory

The Center for Attention, Learning, & Memory (CALM) at St. Bonaventure University is devoted to conducting research on cognitive processes that influence learning and teaching.

A mission grounded in research and communication

The Center for Attention, Learning & Memory, a joint effort of the schools of Education and Arts & Sciences at St. Bonaventure, facilitates and supports faculty development and research on attention, learning and memory.

The center's mission is to:

  • Centralize research from across campus in the areas of attention and learning at St. Bonaventure University;
  • Increase communication among individuals, departments and schools as it pertains to attention and learning;
  • Promote interdisciplinary research to better connect disparate fields of study;
  • Increase awareness of the importance of attention and learning and related fields to St. Bonaventure (a teaching school);
  • Promote student/faculty collaboration on projects related to attention, memory and learning;
  • Serve as an example to outside constituents as to St. Bonaventure University’s commitment to the study of attention, memory and learning.

  • CALM activities and programming

    • Science on Tap
      Join us at Four Mile Brewing, 202 E. Green St. in Olean, on the second Thursday of every month during the academic year to learn about the science behind daily life, the daily life of scientists, or whatever harebrained scheme we’ve come up with.