Biology students deepen their experience through mentored research

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Biology Program

The Department of Biology provides the student with opportunities to obtain a broad foundation of biological knowledge and to pursue the study of a particular area of biology through upper-division coursework and mentored research. The curriculum is based strongly in the sciences of biology, chemistry and physics, within the context of the critical and analytic skills derived from the liberal arts core.

The department offers instruction, mentoring and research opportunities that serve a variety of students. Faculty in the department are committed to teaching, maintain active research programs involving students, and have a broad range of expertise in sub-disciplines of biology.


Interested in teaching grade 7-12 biology?

Earn your Bachelor of Science in biology while completing requirements for initial certification as a biology teacher in grades 7-12. Learn more.


Preparing for a career or further studies

Senior biology major Akshay Reddy says the faculty here prepared him well for med school.

Why choose biology?

Strengths of the biology program

  • The curriculum is broad and covers the foundations of biology as well as contemporary areas of biology such as neurobiology, molecular and cellular biology and genetics.
  • There is enough flexibility to allow secondary concentrations in a wide variety of other areas. For example, biology majors have completed secondary concentrations in chemistry, mathematics, computer science and business administration.
  • Classes and labs are small (nearly always less than 35 students and often fewer than 20 students). 
  • The University's general requirements guarantee a well-rounded, liberal arts education.
  • You receive the benefits of one-on-one advising with departmental faculty in selecting your program of study and in pursuing admission to graduate school, professional programs or careers in biology.

Our biology major prepares you for a career or further studies

  • Students may elect to do independent research with departmental faculty or take advantage of internships in the local community.
  • Our majors have gone on to graduate school, medical school, dental school, physical therapy and Physician Assistant programs, law school, and high school teaching. Over the past 15 years about 90 percent of our pre-health care students have succeeded in entering medical school or other health care programs.
  • There has been consistent emphasis on professional preparation. Since 1975 over 90 percent of our graduates have gone on to postgraduate study or careers in biology.
  • The biology major provides excellent preparation for secondary school teaching. Please see the Adolescence Education page for details about the two paths students may take at St. Bonaventure to obtain certification.

Benefits for non-biology majors

  • Science students who are not biology majors but take biology courses as part of their departmental requirements receive solid grounding in the fundamentals of biology to aid in the understanding of their major fields.
  • Non-science majors may take a number of courses to better prepare them to enter professional fields that require an understanding of the fundamental principles of biological sciences and the empirical method used by scientists.

A Balancing Act

Struck by our "visually stunning" campus, Nidhi finds her groove at SBU.

Program information

The Department of Biology offers a B.S. in biology and a minor in biology.

Bachelor of Science in biology

The major in biology provides the student a broad foundation of biological knowledge and a deeper study of a particular area of biology through upper-division coursework and mentored research.

Degree requirements and a four-year plan for the biology major

  • Biology minor

    For non-majors, the biology minor provides a solid grounding in the fundamentals of biology to aid in the understanding of their major fields.

    Requirements for the biology minor

    Interested in biochemistry?

    The Biology Department also offers a B.S. in biochemistry. To learn more, visit the Biochemistry Program.

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