St. Bonaventure University

ASBMB Accreditation

Why recognition by a prestigious academic society matters to you

ASBMB AccreditationSt. Bonaventure University's Biochemistry program is accredited by the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, a nonprofit scientific and educational organization with more than 12,000 members.

What does that mean for students in our program? Here are a number of benefits of ASBMB accreditation:

  1. Students are eligible to be a part of a prestigious, nationally recognized academic society and to establish a student chapter at SBU to promote research on campus and STEM outreach with K-12 schools.
    • You can be a role model for future SBU students.
    • You have the opportunity to showcase your talents and to give back to preK-12 students in the community.

  2. Students are eligible to apply for funds and awards set aside by ASBMB for undergraduates, including
    • induction into the ASBMB Honor Society;
    • eligibility for the ASBMB Distinguished Undergraduate Scholarship;
    • travel awards for attending conferences;
    • ASBMB Student Chapter awards;
    • professional networking opportunities;
    • the opportunity to present research to other scientists nationwide.

  3. You are eligible to take the ASBMB certification exam in order to make your SBU degree even more valuable — certification by a nationally recognized society. This demonstrates your competitiveness among peers from across the country. Our Biochemistry majors are already successful at landing competitive jobs and entering graduate programs. Accreditation by ASBMB makes your St. Bonaventure degree even more valuable.

  4. You can gain valuable experience in science communication by writing for the society's magazine, ASBMB Today.

These opportunities help to

  • increase student visibility in scholarship and professional services;
  • add high-quality value to your St. Bonaventure degree before you enter the job market and/or apply to graduate schools;
  • increase the quality of your profile and provide more concrete and objective proof of your qualifications and competitiveness for your next step after college.