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Routine maintenance requests may be entered electronically with the Facilities Trouble Report form found on

Other Requests
Leave messages at Ext. 2622
Between 7 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.
After 4:30 p.m. (picked up next workday)
Emergencies: Safety and Security at Ext. 2525
Phone and Data problems: Tech Services at their Helpdesk

Residential Life

The Office of Residence Life consists of an Executive Director of Residential Living/Chief Judicial Officer, a Coordinator for Residential Education and Housing, 4 Residence Directors and approximately 40 resident assistants. Residence Life offices are located on the second floor of the Reilly Center.

An Extraordinary Campus

Our campus facilities are a unique treasure, and they bring the intellectual heritage of the university to life. We are careful to protect the unparalleled natural beauty of the Allegheny River Valley that cradles us, and our buildings boast a rare architectural continuity with ties to the origins of Franciscanism in medieval Italy.

Our stewardship of this campus includes a commitment to around-the-clock support of our residents; clean and attractive residences; and carefully developed emergency contingency plans.

Choose from the links to the right to learn more about what we've done and continue to do to keep St. Bonaventure an extraordinary place to live and learn.

Your college experience will be based on solid academics, but a St. Bonaventure education includes much more than classroom experiences. Students living on campus learn about community and independence in the Residence Halls. The road to your good journey starts when you apply for admission and continues with your involvement in our First-Year Experience Program.

Our Franciscan heritage teaches us to value Faith and Learning, so service is at the heart of the SBU experience. We strive to illustrate to our students that they can make service a part of their every day lives. These opportunities can happen on campus or halfway around the world.

Once you become a Bonnie, the Extracurricular Activities and Student Services you may take advantage of are as varied as intramural soccer and resume help in the Career Center, and as engaging as academic support in the Teaching and Learning Center and hosting your own radio show on 88.3 – The Buzz, ranked #9 in the Princeton Review’s Hottest College Stations in the country. 

Nestled in the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains, our 500-acre campus sits a short distance from a multitude of activity. If you’re wondering what’s available near campus, see what Area Attractions Allegany, Ellicottville and other surrounding communities have to offer.

24/7 Support

We respond to the needs of the campus community around the clock. About 3,000 people use our campus every day, and 1,800 of them stay here at night. Our operations include response to emergencies, day or night, seven days a week.

Emergencies to us include:
  • safety issues, like fire doors that do not latch completely
  • security issues, like a dorm room door that won’t lock
  • health issues, like cleanups
  • ability to use the room for essential purposes (like studying!)
Initial response is by Residence Life or Safety and Security Staff—with after hours support from facilities staff typically in 20 minutes.

Emergency Preparedness

We plan to keep on taking good care of your son or daughter

At St. Bonaventure we are aware that the facilities need to maintain essential services in emergencies, not just when the weather is nice. All manner of contingency plans are available for emergencies. In our climate, plowing snow off the roads and walks before classes is routine. But as an example of contingency planning, we are ready to keep our residents warm, dry and fed indefinitely, even if a winter ice storm interrupts utilities and closes the roads as well.


A place where extraordinary things happen!


Autumnal beauty at SBU.


Not only does it look good, but there's a philosophical basis to it, and a dedicated staff behind it.


We are stewards of a campus with a rare architectural continuity.

Green Initiatives

Our energy consumption is below national averages and we stress sustainability.

Campus Staff

Our efforts would not succeed without  a dedicated work force.