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:: Beginning in 1978, St. Bonaven-
ture and CUTCO partnered in ad-
vancing the professional success of
both students and employees. Not
only have CUTCO employees
earned degrees at St. Bonaventure,
but numerous business students
have interned at CUTCO.
"Students are learning how
to identify other companies'
shortcomings and leverage
that to make themselves
more employable."
-- John F. Stitt
President and chief marketing officer
of CUTCO's sister company, KA-BAR
Knives, Inc.
:: Through a strong alliance with
Dresser-Rand our students are able
to explore business and the world.
"Dresser-Rand has a
management program that
allows our students to work
within the company
worldwide. Dresser also
offers local summer
internships to students of
various business majors."
Michael D. Kasperski
SBU Department of Accounting
China Program offers students
international business experience
he university's China Program
may have begun with one man's
desire to visit China but in its
mere 16 years, the program has helped
hundreds of business students experi-
ence and understand business in China.
In 1992, Donald J. Swanz, J.D., asso-
ciate professor of accounting, expressed
an interest in visiting China and was
scheduled to present a lecture series for
two weeks at the Beijing Institute of
Technology. He was invited back the
following year and it was soon sug-
gested that he should bring his students
to China as well.
In the winter of 1997, 15 students de-
parted the day after Christmas for a
two-week stay in Beijing. This May, 20
students will visit a variety of businesses
in Shanghai, Suzhou, Xi'an, Tianjin,
and Beijing with Dr. Carl Case, chair of
the Department of Management, who
took over the China Program in 2007.
While in China, students are exposed
to numerous experiences that broaden
their knowledge of international busi-
ness. "Briefings are conducted by senior
management at several U.S. and interna-
tional businesses in China," says Case.
Case believes that this opportunity is
a unique one that many other universi-
ties do not offer. "The program pro-
vides our students with a competitive
advantage," says Case.
Traveling to China and interacting with
Chinese businesspeople affords students
knowledge and experience that is not al-
ways obtainable through classroom in-
struction alone.
"I tell students this constantly," says
Swanz. "You have to appreciate and un-
derstand and accept the cultural nuances
in international business that otherwise
you wouldn't know."
Not only does the China Program
allow students to learn the intricacies of
foreign business firsthand, but as Swanz
explains, it aids in dispelling negative
stereotypes that students might have
about foreign countries.
St. Bonaventure MBA students are
often given the opportunity to spend time
with Chinese MBA students.
"The principle purpose of that was to
find out that they don't bite," says
Swanz. "They have the same interests
and the same desires as we do."
When asked what he is most proud of
regarding the program, Swanz says, "The
fact that we did it."
Students from the 2012 China Studies trip display their Bonaventure pride at the Juyong
Pass section of the Great Wall of China.
Paving the wa
: Amy Michel, '16; Emily Sullivan, '14; Andrea Westerlund, '10, '12