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For more information about the English program, please contact the Chair of the English Department:

Dr. Daniel Ellis
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D3 Plassmann Hall

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The Department of English at St. Bonaventure offers courses in the literary history of England and America, in the literature of both nations, in factual and imaginative writing, and in public speaking. English courses, with a few exceptions, are open to qualified students whether or not they major in English.

Why English?
English majors hang out with great writers and find their own voices in the great forms of literature.

The department is thrilled now to also offer, in collaboration with colleagues in the School of Journalism, a major in Professional and Creative Writing. This new undergraduate major combines the imaginative power of creative writing with the technical skill of professional communicators.

The chief purpose of a major in English is to enable the student to understand, appreciate and evaluate the significant literature in the English language as well as to develop the student's ability to read, write, and speak English as effectively as possible.

The department takes pride in the success its graduates have achieved in advanced study in literature, the study of law, teaching, business, and indeed, in virtually every walk of life not demanding extensive and particular technical preparation.

Comments from Students

English students at SBU don’t just walk away with a list of literary facts and a set of language skills. They learn to logically and intelligently build on their knowledge.  Read more...

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