SC 220. Digital Portfolio and Career Readiness

In this class, students learn the importance of designing a digital portfolio, perhaps the most critical and mandatory vehicle demonstrating a business communicator’s skill and accomplishment in the strategic communications arena, as one readies oneself for one’s career. The following areas of concentration are explored in this class: digital portfolio formatting, an evaluation of students’ professional communications strengths and weaknesses as they apply to the format of the digital portfolio, identifying one’s audience and truly focusing on them, how to organize one’s work and how to get images of 3D and oversized work into one’s portfolio. In addition, one will learn what agencies are looking for in a digital portfolio and how others have prepared for careers using digital portfolios as the centerpieces for career opportunities. Finally, this course will focus on résumé writing, interviewing skills, job searching techniques specific to the communications, marketing and agency fields and online and offline networking in the business environment.
Offered: Regularly
Credits: 3
Prerequisite: JMC 101.