SC 210. Social Media in Society/Business

This course is designed to introduce students to developments in social media that are transforming the way we live and communicate. The class objectives are to provide students with an understanding of how those social tools relate to the practice of strategic communications including marketing, advertising, public relations, and nonprofits, as well as the impact of the social media on our society and the marketplace. The course will be a balance of academic consideration and practical application, incorporating the use of social media such as wikis, Twitter, YouTube, personal blogs, Facebook and other relevant tools. Students will participate in virtual community discourse, create content and interact with other professionals in the field and reflect critically on the experience. New applications and social networks will come and go. However, this course will help foster the skill of applying the core principles and practices of strategic communications to social media in productive, creative and intelligent ways. It will also encourage students to be flexible, open to new communication channels and willing to experiment.
Offered: Regularly
Credits: 3
Prerequisite: JMC 101.