JMC 499. Comprehensive Experience

Students in the Journalism/Mass Communication Program will be expected to participate in a Program Assessment Comprehensive Interview in the fall or spring semester of year four.  The student is expected to select from a list of organizations and positions and "apply" for a position.  The student will then submit a cover letter, resume and portfolio for review by the assessment committee comprised of faculty and alumni/professionals.  In preparation for the interview, students will be expected to gather information about the company/organization, as would be expected in a professional environment. Students will be graded based on a comprehensive rubric.  Students will either pass or fail.  Students who fail will have until the end of the spring year four to make suggested corrections and submit again.  It is also expected that before students receive a grade for this course, all 400 internship hours be completed. 

Offered: On Occasion
Credits: 0
Prerequisite: JMC-410