IMC 630. Media and Communications Planning and Strategy

Advertising and the mass media landscape are changing, making the decisions of how, when and where to spend media budgets ever more important. This course aims to provide students with both a theoretical and practical understanding of media measurement & testing, media allocation strategy, media buying, media negotiations, campaign tracking, buy execution and post-buy analysis.  In addition to examining academic research on the topic, current industry trade research will be utilized to provide students with insight into the day-to-day challenges and changes facing media practitioners.  The course will take a logical approach and guide students through essential basics such understanding the current media landscape and its context in comparison to historical media planning assumptions.  It will educate students on media measurement standards (reach, frequency, CPM, CPA), and available media options (traditional: print, radio, television, out of home, and digital/online).
Offered: Regularly
Credits: 3