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Internships open doors

Internships can be intimidating for students. Some students may even feel interns do boring, clerical work and simply fetch coffee. But St. Bonaventure University staff members believe an internship can provide your student with more knowledge and experience than just a daily coffee order. SBU professionals offer advice, services and opportunities to help your students succeed in finding internships that will provide them with experience relevant to their areas of study and are a stepping stone as they plan their careers.

“Internships offer practical experience that students can’t get in the classroom,” said Michael Kasperski, an accounting professor and the internship coordinator for the School of Business.

Many majors require a specified number of internship hours before graduation. Internships are a way for students to gain experience in their fields, so they will be better prepared for careers after they graduate. Internships are designed to help pave the way to more successful careers, Kasperski said.

Making business connections and good first impressions are almost as important as having a strong résumé.     

“There is a direct relationship between internships and jobs. Many students are offered jobs from the employers with whom they intern,” said Kasperski. 

The Career and Professional Readiness Center (CPRC) offers a wide range of services for students who are searching and applying for internships. The CPRC recruits companies looking for interns. They hold Career Fests where students can investigate internships, distribute their résumés, and make face-to-face connections with employers. The CPRC also subscribes to a virtual site called College Central Network where students are able to search St. Bonaventure University’s online bulletin board for  internships and job opportunities.

Interview Stream, a simulated online job interview allowing students to practice both verbal and non-verbal communication skills, is also available. Students can see how they come across in potential interviews and perfect their interviewing skills.

Kelly O’Dell, a journalism and mass communication major at St. Bonaventure, had her first internship at Darien Lake Resort as its promotions intern. O’Dell generated content for social media, planned in-park events such as celebrity meet-and-greets, and brainstormed contest ideas. 

O’Dell said her verbal and written communication skills improved greatly thanks to her internship, and the opportunity helped her realize how interested she is in her major. 

“The hands-on, real-world experiences internships provide students help to reinforce the education they’re receiving at St. Bonaventure University. Who you know is becoming increasingly more important.  Internships provide students with those connections and help them to network in the future,” said O’Dell.

Many students at St. Bonaventure have done multiple internships and have benefited from expanding their web of connections. Students should start preparing their résumés and applying for internships as soon as possible rather than waiting until senior year, said Kasperski. 

“Apply everywhere. I applied for a few internships as a freshman, not expecting to even be scheduled for an interview, and got offered a summer position,” said O’Dell.

-Ashley Masala
Class of 2013

Spring Weekend give students a break

Let the homestretch begin! Believe it or not, in just over three weeks students will be home for summer vacation. They are looking forward to summer, but they are also probably looking forward to an event held the last weekend in April called “Spring Weekend.”

Melissa Gentile, a senior education major and president of the Campus Activities Board (CAB), said, “Spring Weekend is a time where Bonaventure students get together and just relax and have fun before final exams begin.”

The weekend is full of excitement with a 64-team softball tournament, a concert series, and various games and activities for students.

Even though finals are right around the corner, Gentile said students work all year and need a break for balance purposes before the stress of finals week begins.

Gentile said she absolutely loves Spring Weekend. “I enjoy the inflatables, especially the Velcro wall. Riding the mechanical bull is always fun as well. The softball games, however, are truly something to remember. Moments playing and bonding as a team are memorable,” she said.

Gentile said about one-third of its annual budget is spent on this weekend, but CAB is not the only campus club that sponsors events on Spring Weekend.  

WSBU-FM, the campus radio station, brings in several bands to play outside during weekend festivities.  SBU Intramurals also coordinates the softball tournament during Spring Weekend.

Thomas Socci Jr., a senior finance major who is president of the SBU Intramural Club, said Spring Weekend, in particular the softball tournament, brings the entire campus community together.

“It is just a blast to see a 64-team softball tournament take place right in SBU’s back yard. You can really see the University’s student body come together for this one weekend and that is what makes it really special.  It is a part of your time as a University student that you will surely never forget and always reminisce for years to come,” Socci said.

Spring Weekend could not be put on without the dedication of all these student club members and their staff advisers. Now that your student’s freshman year is almost complete, something else you should keep in mind is asking how your student is becoming involved in campus life.

If you think your student would be interested in becoming involved with the Campus Activities Board (CAB), WSBU-FM, or SBU Intramurals, he or she can contact the following individuals for more information.

-Campus Activities Board Advisor- Steve Kuchera –
-SBU Intramurals Advisor – Robert DeFazio-
-WSBU-FM Station Manager- Jessica Rehac –

-Robbie Chulick
Class of 2013

Upcoming Events

Friday-Saturday, 4/13-14 - Teetering for Transplants
Friday, 4/13- Women's Evening Away at Mt. Irenaeus
Saturday-Sunday, 4/14-15 - Men's Overnight at Mt. Irenaeus
Saturday, 4/14 - Junior Prom
Sunday, 4/15 - Freshman Griffin Kramer performs his Preparatory Concert for Royal Conservatory of Music ARCT Diploma
Monday-Friday, 4/16-20 – Enough is Enough Week
Tuesday, 4/17 - Women In Sports Day
Tuesday-Wednesday, 4/17-18 - American R
Thursday, 4/19 - Careers in Sports Day
Thursday, 4/19 - Campus Reading with poet, editor, essayist and teacher Gregory Betts
Thursday, 4/19 - Routes to Art Reception
Friday, 4/20 - Student Academic Excellence Showcase
Friday, 4/20 - Barbara Carr McKee Scholarship Luncheon
Friday, 4/20 - Gallery Talk - Dr. Ruth Rider
Saturday, 4/21 - Special Olympics Basketball Sports Clinic
Saturday-Sunday, 4/22-23 - Work Overnight at Mt. Irenaeus
Sunday, 4/22 - SBU Band and Choir Concert
Tuesday, 4/24 - Hip Hop Final Show
Wednesday-Friday, 4/25-27 - Arts and Sciences Exposition
Wednesday, 4/25 - Hip Hop Final Show
Friday-Sunday, 4/27-29 - Spring Weekend 

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