ROTC courses and leadership tracks

There are four course levels in the ROTC Program, each of which coincides with the level of the cadet's training.  Army ROTC instruction follows five learning tracks, leadership, personal development, values and ethics, officership, and tactics and techniques, which are all necessary for effective leadership development.

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Leadership Tracks
of Army ROTC

The five Leadership Tracks of the Army ROTC curriculum are taught throughout all levels of the Military Science courses, and are progressively developed as cadets continue into deeper training.  


  • ROTC will help you develop leadership attributes, skills and actions

Personal Development

  • Cadets will be physically fit, have good communication skills, and learn to be flexible and adaptable

Values and Ethics

  • Cadets will learn Army values, professional ethics and the warrior ethos


  • Good officers understand military heritage and history, and are effective managers and administrators

Tactics and Techniques

  • Tactical operations