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Francis E. Kelley Oxford program

Trinity College University of OxfordA six-week summer study program at the University of Oxford in Oxford, England, is available for 30 students who would like an opportunity to take part in one of St. Bonaventure's most prestigious study abroad programs.
Each year, Oxford welcomes talented students from all over the globe who are attracted by the chance to study at an internationally-renowned university, with outstanding academic achievement and innovation.
As part of the Francis E. Kelley Oxford Program, St. Bonaventure students, accompanied by our faculty, study at Oxford's Trinity College. Founded in 1555, Trinity College is situated in the center of Oxford, close to libraries, laboratories, lecture halls and all the city’s amenities.
Students take two classes with Oxford professors between early July and mid-August. The Oxford grades and credits transfer directly to students' St. Bonaventure transcripts.
Students spend four days each week in class and the weekends include a schedule of cultural trips and academic tours. A long weekend is available for travel to places in the United Kingdom or on the continent, if a student so chooses.

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(For those not seeking a degree from St. Bonaventure. Hilbert College students must complete this form and and the regular Oxford application.)


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