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King, Case analyze mission statements of largest firms in 10 countries

Feb 12, 2013 | ST. BONAVENTURE, N.Y. — Darwin L. King, professor of accounting, and Dr. Carl J. Case, professor of management, presented a paper at the Allied Academies International Conference held in Las Vegas, Nev., Oct. 10-13, 2012. The paper was titled “2012 Mission Statements: A Ten Country Global Analysis.”

The paper was selected for publication in the Allied Academies Strategic Management Journal. A maximum of 25 percent of accepted papers are selected for publication in the journal. The paper discussed similarities and differences in the mission statements of the largest 25 firms in 10 countries.

The mission statement content was studied with emphasis on the stakeholders and goals/objectives mentioned in the statements.


Effective managers are strong organizers, planners, problem-solvers and motivators who can help a business or organization compete and succeed.

Management is an ideal major for grooming the corporate generalist. It develops decision-makers who are well equipped with a broad knowledge of all areas of business including accounting, business information systems, finance, marketing and economics. Management majors pursue a curriculum that emphasizes courses in these core areas.

They may also choose an emphasis in behavioral management (motivation, conflict, group dynamics) or quantitative management (statistics, models, computer simulations).

Four concentrations are available to management majors:
  • Family Business
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Global Business Management
  • Human Resource Management
Each concentration requires a major to take 9 credits as management electives. (See Curriculum & Courses page.)

Students may also minor in management. (See Minors in Business.)

Careers in Management

Management majors are well-equipped for career opportunities in a variety of businesses and not-for-profit organizations, such as human resources management, organizational development, production and operations management, sales and retail management; and supervisory positions in many fields including manufacturing, education, government and non-profit entities.

Other job opportunities exist in the areas of international business, purchasing, urban planning, health care administration, and plant management.

Additionally, quantitative and computer-related courses provide a solid foundation for careers in system analysis, business information systems, marketing research, and materials management and planning.

Faculty Research & Honors

    Mar 29, 2017

    Dr. Carl J. Case and Darwin L. King
    Department of Management

    Dr. Carl J. Case, professor of business information systems, and Darwin L. King, professor of accounting, earned a Best Paper Award from the American Society of Business and Behavioral Sciences for their paper titled "Internet Trolling in Social Networking Sites: A Preliminary Investigation of Undergraduate Student Victimization." The paper was also accepted to be published in the American Society of Business and Behavioral Sciences Journal.

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