Curriculum & Courses

The major in theology consists of 33 hours of course work (11 courses) as described below. Many students elect to combine a major in theology with a second major in another discipline. Students who are considering a major in theology should contact the department chair to learn more about the program.

Requirements for a Bachelor of Arts in Theology

The following table summarizes all requirements for a Bachelor of Arts in theology. To see the description of a particular course, click on its title. Our Course Descriptions page lists all theology courses.

Requirements   Credits 
 Theology  33
 1. Distribution Requirements: one course from each category (a)–(e).
     (a) Comparative Religion 
           THFS 200. Comparative Religion
           THFS 205. Myth and Culture
           THFS 313. Indian and Asian Mythology
     (b) Religion and Society
 THFS 222. Religion and Politics
           THFS 304. Religion and Gender
           THFS 323. Religion and Science
           THFS 324. Religion and Race
           THFS 325. Religion and Art
           THFS 326. Religion and Science Fiction 
     (c) Ethics
           THFS 245. Christian Ethics 
           THFS 345. Catholic Social Thought
           THFS 349. Issues in Christian Ethics
           THFS 440. Contemporary Moral Theology
     (d) Spirituality
           THFS 252. Christian Spirituality
           THFS 357. Merton's Heart: The Journey & Thought of Thomas Merton
           THFS 359. Special Studies in Spiritual Traditions 
     (e) Catholic Tradition
           THFS 263. Sacraments
           THFS 264. American Catholicism
           THFS 265. Global Catholicism
           THFS 333. Contemporary Catholic Thought
           THFS 345. Catholic Social Thought
           THFS 362. Francis and the Franciscan Tradition
           THFS 368. Body, Sex, and Sacrament

 2. Upper-Level Requirements: the following three courses.
      THFS 430. Theological Methods
      THFS 460. History of Christianity
      THFS 470. Contemporary Biblical Interpretation

 3. Comprehensive Requirement (normally taken during the senior year)
      THFS 498. Seminar in Theology
 4. Departmental Electives: any two courses in theology. 6
 Foreign Language  3
      One course at the 202 level or above* 3
 General Education Requirements 37
    The General Education curriculum, a 37-hour program to help students appreciate a liberal arts education, includes required specific courses as well as selected courses from various distributions. For details, go to General Education Curriculum.

 General Electives  47
 Total  120

* The School of Arts and Sciences requires all majors to complete a foreign language course at the 202 level or higher. Students not prepared to begin at this level will need to take additional courses in the language, which count as general electives.

Plan of Study for a Bachelor of Arts in Theology

The Department of Theology has no prescribed order for the completion of courses that are required for the major, apart from the four 400-level courses that must be taken in either the junior or senior year. Faculty members work closely with each student to create a personalized course schedule that will fulfill the remainder of their requirements.

Requirements for a Minor in Theology

For non-majors, a minor in theology is earned by taking any four courses in theology (12 credits) as well as two additional courses (6 credits) chosen in consultation with your academic adviser.

To declare a minor, a special form must be filled out and filed with the Records Office by the end of the student's junior year. The appropriate form is available from the student's advisor or from the Office of the Registrar.