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Oxford Moments
St. Bonaventure’s Oxford Program is not a visit to England. It is living in England, living the life of a student at Trinity College, Oxford, experiencing moments that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

The six-week summer program at world-famous University of Oxford in England is one of St. Bonaventure's most prestigious and most popular study abroad programs.

One of the best thingsStudents who have taken advantage of the Oxford program over the last 30 years often say it was the greatest experience of their years at St. Bonaventure, both academically and as an adventure. If you know someone who has been to Oxford, just ask them.

And ask the grads you know how the word “Oxford” looks on their resumes.The program runs from the beginning of July until mid-August (exact dates to be announced).

Founded in 1555, Trinity College is right in the center of the city, close to libraries, laboratories, lecture halls, shops, dozens of great restaurants and pubs – all the fun and excitement the ancient yet dynamic city has to offer. 

Courses in 2018 will include electives and required courses from the St. Bonaventure curriculum. For example, one of the most popular classes at Oxford has been Natty World (SBU's Inquiry in the Natural World) and Natty Lab, taught by an internationally known scientist. Students actually describe Natty World as one of the most enjoyable classes at Oxford. It is academically rigorous, like all the classes at Oxford, which is a subtle way of saying they’re tough. You’ll have to work and work hard – but the professors are all great teachers and students almost always love their classes.

Hogwarts ExpressStudents usually take two classes, taught by a mix of St. Bonaventure and Oxford professors. Grades and credits are recorded just like any other classes.

A typical schedule includes four days each week in classes and “learning communities,” with most three-day weekends reserved for plunging into English life and English culture. The program includes trips to explore London, Stonehenge, Windsor Castle and even the studio where Harry Potter was filmed. (It’s spectacular!)

The schedule includes a four-day-free weekend for optional travel to other places, perhaps Paris, perhaps Dublin, perhaps Prague or wherever you choose to wander.

The program runs from the beginning of July through the middle of August 2018. Exact dates will be announced.

COST: The cost for the program is $7,300. This fee includes tuition, lodging, breakfasts, morning and afternoon tea, most dinners, an arrival pub dinner, walking tours of the city of Oxford, and field trips to London, Stonehenge and Windsor and the Harry Potter studio. (The Oxford program is a real bargain. If you take seven credit hours, it actually costs less than the same credit hours on campus.)

APPLICATION: Click on the application link at right, complete the application and submit it online. Simple.

DEADLINES & LIMITS: The official deadline for application is March 1, 2018. However, the program is limited to the spaces available and usually fills up before the end of fall semester, so you should get your application in immediately to ensure your place is reserved. A $500 deposit must be made at the time of application. You can pay online by going to, clicking first on Student Services, then on Oxford Summer Session Payments. Alternatively, make check payable to St. Bonaventure University and note “2018 Oxford Program” in the memo line. Payment by check should be made at the Business Office in Hopkins Hall.

Financial Information

The cost of the program is $7,300.

Please click on the “costs and payments” link on the upper left of this page for details on payments and deadlines.

There are some partial scholarships available to help defray the cost of studying at Oxford. Scholarships are awarded exclusively on the basis of financial need. You do not need to apply for the scholarship.

There may be some limited scholarships available to Honors students.

For those who wish to arrange financial aid for the Oxford program, please contact Michelle Schram in the Financial Aid Office at 375-2529 or by email at Michelle is always very helpful and will work with you to secure whatever financial assistance is available.