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Laura Kopec
Science Teacher
Olean High School

Dr. Xiao-Ning Zhang
Director, Biochemistry Program
St. Bonaventure University

OHS biotechnology course
Dual Enrollment Pilot Course at Olean High

Students stay at school for college course taught by trained OHS teacher

Olean High School students can take the St. Bonaventure University course "Introduction to Biotechnology" during the 2017-18 academic year without leaving their school.

It's the initial offering in a pilot program to train and certify qualified high school teachers to teach 100-level SBU general education courses in their own schools. The pilot program is another in a recent series of outreach efforts by St. Bonaventure to promote STEM education (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) in local schools.

The goal is to help bridge the knowledge gap between high school and college, and to help high school students hone their skills in critical thinking, problem solving and scientific writing.

In this initial offering of the pilot program, St. Bonaventure's 4-credit "Introduction to Biotechnology" course and lab will be taught at Olean High School in 2017-18. Olean High biology teacher Laura Kopec will teach the course, with materials provided by St. Bonaventure and training from Dr. Xiao-Ning Zhang, associate professor of biology and director of the Biochemistry Program at St. Bonaventure.  

Student Qualifications

To enroll in the course, a student:
  • must be at least a first-semester senior. Selected juniors may participate upon SBU approval on a case-by-case basis.
  • must provide a one-page essay to show high self-motivation and academic achievement. A "B" average or better in high school biology courses and overall is recommended.
  • must be enrolled in a program in which they have achieved, or are achieving, the normal requirements for admission to a university.
  • must be recommended by their high school teachers, administrators and guidance counselor.
  • must submit an application with St. Bonaventure's Office of Admissions to obtain permission to enroll.

Course and fee

Students will enroll in the following St. Bonaventure University course and accompanying lab (click to open course descriptions):

      BIO/BIOL135. Introduction to Biotechnology & Lab       

Students will earn dual high school and college credit, as well as separate OHS and SBU grades, determined by the grading criteria at each school. For students who enroll at St. Bonaventure after high school, that grade is part of their official grade point average (GPA) at SBU.

The cost to Olean High students is $110 per credit, or $440 for this 4-credit course and lab. There are no additional costs for textbooks or other course materials.

How to apply


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