Honors Courses

To earn a “Degree with Honors,” the highest undergraduate degree offered by the university, students must fulfill all of the requirements listed below. Honors Courses are populated entirely with students who are in the Honors Program. Courses that are a hybrid of students in the Honors Program and those not in the honors program can count in the Honors Experience.

  • Take five Honors Courses:
  • The Honors Project (HON 498/499)
    This is the capstone to the Honors Program — a two-semester, three-credit research or creative endeavor designed by the student to be of sufficient scope to merit recognition as an Honors Project.
  • ONE Honors Experience which can be fulfilled by an additional honors course or hybrid of honors addition to a regular course; other credit-bearing experiences such as research, independent study, study abroad, teaching assistantships, internships, among others. This experience must be conveyed to and approved by the Honors Director.