Early Childhood Inclusive Special Education

This degree program prepares teachers for early childhood special education certification, which allows teachers to teach students with disabilities from birth to grade 2.

Graduates with this certification can teach in early intervention programs, preschools and grades K-2 in either inclusive or self-contained special education settings. Coursework is aligned with the Council for Exceptional Children professional standards for special education teachers and combines the realms of theory, research and field experience. 

Admission requirements

  1. Teaching certificate
  2. Official transcripts of all prior college work (3.00/4.00 GPA)
  3. Two references addressing your ability to teach and do graduate level work
  4. Interview
  5. Writing sample
  6. MAT or GRE score
  7. Additional information, if requested by program director

Course Requirements: Early Childhood Inclusive Special Education

 Courses    Credits 
     EDUC 500. Research Methods in the Education Professions
     EDUC 599K. Diverse Experience
     READ 550. Teaching Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Learners  3
     SPED 503. Evaluation and Measurement for Inclusive Education  3
     SPED 504. Collaborative Behavioral Supports and Transition for Inclusive Education  3
     SPED 510. Instructional Design and Strategies for Inclusive Education  3
     SPED 511. Foundations of Inclusive Education  3
     SPED 515. Technology for Inclusive Education  3
     SPED 575. Critical Issues in Inclusive Education and Diversity  3
     SPED 590B. Extended Practicum for Graduate Special Education, Birth - Grade 2  3
     SPED 600. Capstone Research in Inclusive Education  3
 TOTAL  30

Contact Information

If you wish to apply to this program, please contact the Graduate Admissions Office at St. Bonaventure University at (716) 375-2021 or gradsch@sbu.edu for graduate admission materials.

For more information regarding the degree in adolescence education, please contact:

Dr, Rene' E. Hauser
Associate Professor
Graduate Council Chair
School Of Education
St. Bonaventure University
B48 Plassmann Hall
(716) 375-4078