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Minors in Classics and Latin available

The study of classical languages and cultures has long been an important part of a well-rounded education. Your training in the classics endows you with an understanding of history and a versatile set of skills — critical thinking, problem-solving, effective communication — that will serve you well no matter what your career path.

The goal of the Classics Department is to contribute firsthand knowledge of Greek and Latin literature, for it is in this body of writings that the student may discern most of the concepts upon which our Western World bases its culture.

The general courses in the classics offer broad background for non-major students. The more advanced and specialized courses emphasize the contributions made by outstanding political, literary and intellectual figures of Greek and Roman times.

The Department of Classics offers minors in Classics and Latin.

Minor in Latin

Required Courses:

One 300-level course is offered every semester. Generally, the work(s) of a poet will be studied in the fall semester, and the work(s) of a prose writer in the spring semester.

A student who has successfully completed four years (or more) of high school Latin will receive a waiver for Latin 101-102, 201 and 202. A student with this Latin background will thus need to take only the three 300-level courses to complete the requirement for the minor.

Minor in Classics

Required Courses:

Students who have successfully completed four years or more of high school Latin will be eligible to take 300-level Latin courses. One 300-level Latin course is offered every semester.

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