School Building Leader Certificate Curriculum & Courses

The SBL Advanced Certificate program is designed for elementary and secondary teachers and school counselors seeking to become school principals. This offering is 24 hours in length, and includes coursework in curriculum development, school finance and law, supervision, leadership and school-community relations. Six (6) hours of equivalent coursework may be accepted for transfer with the approval of the program director.

The SBL program is offered via a unique "hybrid" format. Each class meets 3 times (on Saturdays) per semester, with the rest of the course work completed online. The setting for these Saturday sessions alternates, by semester, between the University’s Olean and Hamburg locations. The SBL program offers fall starts and can be finished up in four semesters with no summer classes.

The SBL program meets NY course requirements for SBL certification.

SBL program requirements

Admission to the SBL programs requires:

  • Master’s degree in education or a certification-related area, with a 3.0 or better GPA
  • Teacher or school counselor certification
  • Three years of K-12 school experience
  • References (two, at least one from a supervising principal or superintendent)
  • Interview & writing sample


To see a description of a particular course, click on its title. For descriptions of all graduate courses in the School of Education, see our Course Descriptions page.
 Requirements  Credits 
     EDL 515. Leadership for the Principalship
     EDL 522. School and Community Relationships
     EDL 523. School Law
     EDL 524. School Finance
     EDL 535. Evaluation and Supervision of Instructional and Other Staff
     EDL 538. Designing Curriculum for Standards-Based Education
     EDL 542. Special Education for School Administrators
     EDL 599A. Practicum (School Building Level)
     EDL 599B. Internship (School Building Level)
 TOTAL  24

Students completing the 24 credit hour SBL certificate may continue on for the MSED in Educational Leadership by taking these two additional classes (6 credit hours):
These classes are not offered in the hybrid format at the present time.

Contact Information
If you wish to apply to this program, please contact the Graduate Admissions Office at St. Bonaventure University at (716) 375-2021 or for graduate admission materials.

For more information regarding certification in school administration, please contact:
Dr. Margy Jones-Cary
Program Director, Educational Leadership
Plassmann Hall B40
St. Bonaventure University
St. Bonaventure, NY 14778
(716) 375-4026